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Domaining and April Fool’s Day : True or False?

Here at DomainGang we cover real news and parody stories about domain names any given day.

Those of you who have been around since the beginning of our 5 1/2 year journey, will know by now that whenever an article has the “100% True” image at the bottom, the news is true.

Parody articles, fictional stories and other fun stuff lack that identification.

April Fool’s Day is unique in the sense that most people that prank others on April 1st do so with no malicious intent. 😉

But how easily can you tell a true fact and an April Fool’s Day fib apart?

We’ll put you to the test by providing several statements about domain investors, and will post the answers later today. No cheating now! 😀

  1. April 1st is Tia Wood‘s birthday.
  2. Terrance Cultra is the real name of Domain Shane but his .com is unregistered.
  3. Frank Schilling goes scuba diving every day to fish his own dinner.
  4. Rick Schwartz‘s middle name is Gaston.
  5. Francois Carrillo is half French, half Spanish.
  6. Ron Jackson often competes in Mr. Fitness beach contests.
  7. Adam Dicker comes from a lineage of Canadians related to Elizabeth I of England.
  8. Mike Mann can play some kick-ass drums.
  9. Elliot Silver and Mark Zuckerberg have a name in common.
  10. Daniel Negari can actually skateboard.


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2 Responses to “Domaining and April Fool’s Day : True or False?”
  1. hire Domains says:

    Was there a question ……. I just saw hooters

  2. DomainGang says:

    Here we go:

    1. TRUE
    2. TRUE
    3. FALSE
    4. FALSE
    5. TRUE
    6. FALSE
    7. FALSE
    8. TRUE
    9. TRUE
    10. TRUE

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