‘Domaining’ and ‘Domainer’ now in the Oxford Dictionary

It only took 20 years to materialize, but recognition finally arrived in the form of a letter from the Oxford University.

All the effort that Sammy Ilias-Roth put into it, the long analysis of data and Internet trends, the linguistic support and numerous letters eventually paid off.

The words “Domaining” and “Domainer” will be in the Oxford Dictionary, specifically the special, leather-bound 2016 edition.

“I’m excited this is finally a reality, a dream come true that me and other domainers prayed for years, to see it complete in our lifetime!”, said Sammy Ilias-Roth.

“I was so sick and tired of getting these two words auto-corrected in my Word-processing software and on every editor available on the Internet. Now that won’t happen anymore”, he added.

The addition of “Domaining” and “Domainer” in the Oxford Dictionary is remarkable, considering how many people that claim to be “domainers” are just hobbyists that dabble in the registration of pitiful domains.

Domain King, Rick Schwartz, coined the term “pigeon domains” for those domain registrations that are complete and utter crap.

While “pigeon domains” is not yet considered as a candidate entry in the Oxford Dictionary, the addition of “Domaining” and “Domainer” is definitely a great step to the right direction.

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