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Domaining Europe 2017 : Domains for all budgets in ongoing auction

Domaining Europe opens its welcoming gates next week, but the Undeveloped.com domain auction has already started.

The auction offers a wide range of domains for all budgets, and more than $100,000 dollars in bids have been submitted.

Undeveloped.com is an Epik company, that sent us the following press release with information about this exciting domain event:

Amsterdam, the Netherlands— [May 11, 2017] —  Even before Berlin opens its doors to the 2017 “Domaining Europe” conference next week, the event’s official online auction is off to a fast start at Undeveloped.com. Already, more than $100,000 in bids have been submitted apart from Whiskey.com, which is itself is valued in the millions.  Further buyer interest is anticipated over the coming weeks.

Inventory spans all price points, with bids starting at just $1; so everybody can afford to participate.  In all, 10 languages and 25 suffixes are represented by nearly 150 auction lots.  Let’s look at some highlights.

Competition for ABC.net is fierce, with bids up to $27,000.  This may be a tossup between 2 large corporations: TV titan, ABC, which owns the .COM, versus Google’s parent company, Alphabet, which has aggressively assembled a portfolio of virtually every other “ABC” domain imaginable – from ABC.xyz and ABC.biz to ABC.buzz and ABC.bingo.

SearchEngine.com gives Google yet another reason to pay attention – as does Buscador.com, which is Spanish for “search engine”, “seeker”, “prospector”.

Strong English dictionary words include Stereo.com, Aeroplane.com, Enticing.com, Gastronomy.com, and Journalists.com.  It’s easy to imagine a food magazine entitled “Gastronomy” or a music brand called “Stereo”.  And who doesn’t want good journalists these days?

Unclaimed 3-letter .COM domains are in short supply, making this a liquid and investable asset class.  Not just acronyms but – rarer still – short words like OAR.com (English) and ZUT.com (French).

Visitors from the UK will appreciate Monday.co.uk, Imports.co.uk, Bankers.co.uk, Hobbies.co.uk, YA.co.uk, FlatInsurance.co.uk, UK.Events, and more.  In the context of Brexit, everyone in Berlin has some perspective on the Europe.Club and England.Club.

Money can be made through Business.Loans or by selling backup HardDrives.com.  Any travel booking site ought to jump at the chance to own Hoteles.es – Spanish for “hotels”. Equally fascinating is the city of Sevilla.com, home to 1.5 million residents … plus tourists.  VC firms and stock-market investors should be smitten by Inversores.es (investors).  And what real estate agent with Spanish-speaking clientele wouldn’t benefit from owning Tu.Casa (your house)?  That’s a huge population throughout Latin America, Spain, and the United States.

German domains may catch the eye of conference attendees in Berlin: Angestellter.com (employee) is destined for recruiting or job search; Opern.com (operas) can sell expensive tickets to music fans and theater lovers throughout Europe; AktienIndex.com (stock index) is tied directly to money; Boulevardblatt.com (tabloid) deserves to be a gossip website; and Lebens.versicherung (life insurance) is surely a critical term for a massive industry.

Furthermore, we have Geschenken.nl (gifts), Calcinhas.com (lingerie), Stad.nl (city), Virtualrealitaet.ch (virtual reality), Skriva.com (write), Educacao.pt (education), SolarnaEnergija.com (solar power) – even a fashionable Parisian neighborhood, StGermain.Paris.

Short domains are sought after by collectors all over the world – notably in China.  Few categories are as rare, and none so compact, as meaningful 1-letter domains like F.at and B.ag.  Another domain “hack” for a lucrative industry, Insu.re, could function as a handy shortcut (like Taco Bell’s Ta.co).  Many more domains in this auction are quite short: 5.at and 6.at, rare single digits for Austria, 4D.at (the 4th dimension?), Med.pt (medicine), and numerous 2-letter items.

This barely scratches the surface.  Check out the full auction inventory!  Last-minute tickets remain available for the 2017 “Domaining Europe” conference.  Meanwhile, everyone is welcome to bid online.  Even after the Berlin event, this online auction continues.  Stay tuned!

Brought to you by Undeveloped.com, an Epik company

For further information, please contact Reza Sardeha, CEO of Undeveloped.com at reza@undeveloped.com.

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2 Responses to “Domaining Europe 2017 : Domains for all budgets in ongoing auction”
  1. urlowner says:

    How are we supposed to submit names fr auction at this late date? Why wasn’t there a call earlier?

  2. DomainGang says:

    urlowner – There was a call earlier, so keep that in mind for next year’s event.

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