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Domaining in France: Un petit guide to get the best out of a French domain sale

Ah, the French! Culture, fine wine, cheese, chocolate! Not to mention, the women of Paris – so beautiful, so elegant.

Back to reality.


Negotiating with a French domainer can be confusing, and a far cry from the dozen or so stereotypes that we’re busting here today.

French domainers, or “domaineurs” as they’re known, are often eager to negotiate a domain sale but it takes the right approach and strategy.

Here are some tips on how to get the best possible price out of a domain sale with a French buyer.

  • Speak the language. Not just “merci” and “oui” but learn full phrases. Go to Barnes and Noble and grab a book, as if you were about to visit France in person.
  • Talk about your private life. Unlike Americans, the French sympathize with the pain you’re getting from your wife, or your kids. Or your secret girlfriend.
  • Speaking of secret girlfriend, if you don’t have one, invent her. French buyers are intrigued by the notion of infidelity. You thought Discretion.com was about making domain offers?
  • Learn the food. From croissants filled with strawberry jam, to truffles, to how to properly eat brie cheese, to which wine goes with foie gras. Become un gastronome.
  • Cuss a little. Merde, Je m’en fou, Salope, C’est des conneries! All these words, when rolled out at the right time will earn you the admiration of your French buyer.
  • Realize that the French are stingier than the Scots. While they do enjoy the good life, don’t expect thousands of dollars for a domain name. Be reasonable.
  • Compliment them on their tie, outfit and cologne and you will be received with more confidence. It’s not “gay” to compliment another man in France. Well, perhaps un peu.
  • Lastly, show that you care about the French cinema, music and culture as part of your life’s dream to retire at the French Riviera. It worked for Johnny Depp.

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