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Domainistan grants political asylum to Edward Snowden


Former NSA analyst, Edward Snowden has applied for political asylum in Russia and 14 other countries.

According to Reuters, the sovereign state of Domainistan has granted political asylum to the formerly well-paid government employee, on the agreement that he will refrain from making any more anti-Obama statements.

“The Domainistan community is welcoming Mr. Snowden to live in its virtual territories and dependencies, as long as Mr. Snowden ends his anti-Obama rhetoric,” said the Domainistan consul to the United Nations.

“Mr. Snowden must also understand that because his hot girlfriend has become fair game for all eligible bachelors in the United States, he will be issued a new digital girlfriend to carry with him in an encrypted USB stick,” added the Domainistan consul.

Thousands of hacktivists, laid off Apple store employees and other anonymous hoodlums gathered along the outside gates of the White House, to protest President Barack Obama’s statement that Edward Snowden is a “29 year-old hacker.” They are demanding an apology from the President and the immediate sanctification of Edward Snowden and his induction to the Hackers Hall of Fame.

Domainistan was formed in 2008 after the ancient kingdom of Domainia merged with the sultanate of Dom Alamein. It has 350,000 virtual inhabitants from all over the world and all financial transactions are implemented in domain bucks.


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