Domainistan: Newest country gets UN approval and ccTLD

Flag of Domainistan.

After two and a half years of non-stop negotiations and multiple meetings, the newest nation on the world map has its own official ISO 3166 country code.

Dot .ds will represent the state of Domainistan, a sultanate of a few dozen shepherds and technocrats that aspires to plant its flag on the Internet map, before ICANN rolls out the much feared gTLD simoom.

Domainistan is located 1.3 miles off the coast of Fujairah, well-protected from neighboring Iran; consisting of a constellation of twelve sand dunes atop three large atoll islands, Durahm, Diman and Dylam.

Domainistan – off the coast of Fujairah and off this map.

The sultanate is governed by British-educated fellah, Abdul Sakim Al Domayin, who took the podium at the UN meeting which confirmed the formation of Domainistan and its .ds TLD.

“God willing, we are going forth on this great day, with our plan to offer refuge and shelter to all our brothers that have been thrown out of other TLDs,” said Abdul Sakim Al Domayin.

“For only 20 dinars, one can register a .ds domain and reserve it for generations to come, against the flood of the ICANN infidels that intend to confuse our people with gTLD domains” he added emphatically.

Abdul Sakim Al Domayin donning the white turban of Domainistan.

Domainistan is expected to play a major role in the domain investment industry for a variety of reasons:

  • Cheap domain registrations, for life. One Domainistan dinar is equal to USD $0.01
  • Domain safety: the strategic location of Domainistan makes its virtual citizens impervious to any attempted seizure by the US Department of State.
  • Zero taxation: Domain parking on .ds domains will be 100% tax free.
  • Oil discount coupons: The oil reserves of Domainistan allows it to offer oil discount coupons and thus beat promotions by GoDaddy and other registrars.
  • The .ds TLD is memorable and impossible to mistype. Domainistan prides itself of its 287 year old tradition in the area.

Applications for the .ds domains will begin shortly and no keywords will be reserved by the DS Registry – a far cry from the practice of every single ccTLD and gTLD launch.

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