DomainSherpa : Videos of Adam Dicker removed from web site

Domain Sherpa founder, Michael Cyger, removed all videos featuring domain investor Adam Dicker from his web site,

The videos span dozens of hours of domain reviews, discussions and interviews with the Canadian domainer, going back to 2013.

There was no related announcement regarding the removal of those videos by Cyger.


DomainSherpa videos with Adam Dicker have been removed.

Following week-long allegations of unfinished or undelivered web projects, Adam Dicker has reportedly taken a series of measures to refund or otherwise fulfill projects, and is working towards satisfying all contracts and claims.

According to Adam Dicker, everyone with an issue should contact him directly, at

Adam Dicker’s web services company, Niche Web Sites, was presented with the Developer of the Year award at THE Domain Conference; the same services were promoted in the videos that were removed from

There are no known legal claims or lawsuits against Adam Dicker or his companies that we’re aware of, at this time.

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6 Responses to “DomainSherpa : Videos of Adam Dicker removed from web site”
  1. Also noticed that many of Adam’s websites are offline. Hope Adam manages to sort these temporary snagging issues.

  2. Thanks for covering this story, Theo. In my view, it merits scrutiny. And it’s unfortunate that we – the “domain community” – are examining the details so late, after so much preventable damage.

    Much has been, is being, and will be swept under the carpet. That’s a natural consequence of debts being privately settled. It’s also a result of online content being removed from Adam’s websites and from sites belonging to people who now wish to distance themselves from Adam Dicker. In saying this, I am not censuring Michael Cyger or anyone else. The decision to maintain or remove compromised content (including interview that may imply endorsements) is a complicated gray area.

    That said, I do hope this content is being archived and made available for analysis. As an industry, we can learn from revisiting the past – but only if the past remains there to visit.

    While I have heard it said – by bloggers, by Adam Dicker, and indeed by some of those whom Adam owes money – that he “is working towards satisfying all contracts and claims”, I am also 1 of the people awaiting repayment; and, in the case of my $250 reimbursement, Adam seems to be hiding from emails.

  3. DomainGang says:

    Joseph – Let’s hope this mess gets resolved soon.

  4. Will says:

    That is definitely interesting and just proves that what Shane Bellone mentioned a while back on NamePros Forums was on point in regards to Adam and the current situation he is in. We all make mistakes and none of us are perfect. The most important action is to admit you are wrong and work towards making matters right.

    At least from the initial look at the situation Adam is aiming to solve the problem and find solutions, I do hope he sticks to his word get things done and learns some valuable lessons from this unfortunate experience.

    – Will

  5. Jeff Rozner says:

    We’ve made multiple attempts to reach out to Adam. We paid him eight hundred dollars for development services which he never did.

    I feel like he’s a very dishonest person, ducking are numerous inquiries. If I’m wrong, Adam send us a payment, my email addresses

  6. Jeff Rozner says:

    I’d be curious to see all the other people that he still owes money to. Please post them here. It’s one thing for him to say publicly that he’s making things right, but then he just gets credit for supposedly doing the right thing, when in fact at least several of us feel like he’s ducking his obligations, of refunds that were clearly due for a long time, A very long time.

    I personally think you should be known as a pariah in the industry until he refunds the money he owes for what at best was overpromising what he was able to deliver and at worst is outright fraud.

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