#DomainSpa : Fifteen year ago, #domains after the dot-com bust of 2000

Greg Ricks and Igal “MrsJello” Lichtman at TRAFFIC 2010 in Las Vegas

Fifteen years ago, DomainSpa was busy capitalizing on the dot-com bust aftermath.

The brain child of the late entrepreneur, Igal Lichtman, DomainSpa was a small, private label for monetizing domain names.

Lichtman seized an opportunity, when he realized that many companies that went under in 2000-2002 failed to renew their domains, that were often single dictionary words or other generics.

Using home grown technology, Igal Lichtman and his Mrs Jello, Inc. outfit, acquired thousands of premium domains on the drop. It was the golden era of domain scripting, with no competition from drop catching registrars.

He formed DomainSpa in 2002, and by 2003 such information was being shared on the DomainSpa.com web site:

Domain Traffic comes from several sources and according to industry statistics, every parked domain (domain that is waiting to be developed) receives an average of 8 hits per month, and some receive as much as thousands a day!

In the wake of the dot-com bust, companies are not always renewing their domain names. Existing sites expire daily! The latest internet bubble caused thousands and thousands of sites to die as previous owners got tied up in other ventures, lost funding to keep the site running, lost interest, had time constraints, or simply forgot to renew the domain. Whatever the reason, it happens that you can legally claim that domain and the EXISTING TRAFFIC associated with it.

DomainSpa is a SERVICE designed for domain owners, expired domain investors, registrars and web hosts looking to get MAXIMUM PROFITS from traffic to parked pages while analyzing and reporting domains performance. Monetize your domain traffic with DomainSpa.com domain parking services.

By extending its private label to third parties, DomainSpa was very selective in its user base. It continued to make money after the eventual crash of the PPC market in 2009-2010.

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