From Domainsville to Naturesville!

Somehow, domains ending in “ville” are still considered en vogue, and domain investor Abdu Tarabichi is eager to prove just that.

After launching Domainsvillea domain news aggregator – a while back, Abdu is now taking on the natural products and supplements market with Naturesville.


The About Us page states the following:

“Naturesville is an online store that offers all-natural, Non-GMO products that are free from any harmful additives, preservatives, coloring agents, or unnecessary fillers. We take pride in delivering only the healthiest products made from Nature’s finest ingredients. Your body is a precious gift, so give it what it deserves.”

If you’re concerned about the lack of quality ingredients in snacks, supplements and candy, or even vegan products, give Naturesville a try.

Hopefully, domainers will get a discount? 😀 Visit for more info.


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8 Responses to “From Domainsville to Naturesville!”
  1. todd says:

    He obviously didn’t do his homework because there is a live trademark for Natureville without the S. This company Natureville Nutritional Supplements, Inc. owns the trademark under dietary and nutritional supplements which is the exact same category as Abdu’s.

    Stop and regroup while you are ahead.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Todd – Interesting. The trademark is live, but the matching .com (not Abdu’s) and .net are both owned by other parties, and the .com is for sale. Also, Abdu’s domain is older than the trademark, so if push came to shove it’d be a more balanced argument than you might think.

  3. todd says:

    The domain is the least of the problem. It’s trademark infringement and that’s all that matters. They may not win a UDRP but they will win a trademark infringement case.

  4. DomainGang says:

    Todd – “and that’s all that matters” – That’s truly an expert analysis, you’ve saved both parties millions of dollars in litigation fees.

  5. todd says:

    I wasn’t being an asshole but it’s clearly a trademark infringement case and like I said that’s all that matters. If you don’t see it that way it’s fine but it’s just my opinion and not a so called expert analysis.

  6. DomainGang says:

    Todd – You’d be surprised how many cases that appear clear cut are not. That’s why lawyers exist. But as I said, if you are 100% certain then you’ve just saved both parties a great deal of money.

  7. NoobWorld says:

    Once owned that domain, and let this drop. Acquired it from the original owner. Glad it’s not my problem. Couldn’t sell this domain if my life depended on it. No takers. I would rather see Abdul own and operate this website than any other company. He knew to locate this domain in an expiring auction and got it cheap. In any case, good with that venture.

  8. NoobWorld says:

    gopd luck with that venture

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