#DomainTools CEO, Timothy Chen, on a decade at the company’s helm

It’s official: Timothy Chen has been the CEO of DomainTools for a full decade – that’s 10 years!

During his tenure, the company grew from a 15 person WHOIS data membership company to a SaaS security company with 600 enterprise customers and over 100 employees.

Not only that; there is zero outside funding, and the company is privately owned.

Timothy Chen – CEO / DomainTools

Said Mr. Chen:

Thank you to our amazing employees, customers and partners who continue to push us forward every day. I interview a lot of people. You rarely see 10 years, let alone 5 years in one company in security.

So I’m feeling very grateful this week. This is an incredibly rewarding job in an industry that matters.

Congratulations Tim for this remarkable achievement!

DomainTools became our first sponsor a decade ago, and we are thankful to Timothy Chen and his team for providing us with support and a gratis membership over the years.

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