DomainTools releases report on fake news and the US elections of 2016

DomainTools has released a report on the influence that fake news web sites had on the US elections of 2016.

According to the the results of the Black Hat Survey conducted at Black Hat USA 2017 by DomainTools, 82% of cybersecurity experts feel confident that the U.S. political landscape has been exploited by fake news. Almost 75% of the respondents believe that nothing can prevent fake news from being created, but a collaborative effort of proper education (73%), social media filters (46%), and blacklisted websites (29%) provide hope for preventing the influence of misinformation.

Only half of U.S. security experts believe they have been influenced by fake news themselves, in contrast to a survey by British security experts.

“What I find most intriguing about these results is that despite an overwhelming sentiment that fake news is unstoppable, half of the respondents seem to feel immune to exposure,” said DomainTools’ senior security researcher and Black Hat review board member Kyle Wilhoit.

“One thing I can agree with, the war of misinformation and fake news will continue to be successful until we have a solution that fully utilizes a combination of widespread education and technology,” added Wilhoit.

Click here for the full press release by DomainTools, titled: “Majority of Cybersecurity Experts Agree: Fake News Influenced US Elections; Only Education Can Prevent it from Happening Again.”

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