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#DomainTools rolls out “Domain Hotlist” to combat #domain threats

DomainTools announced today the availability of Domain Hotlist, a new domain-centric analysis tool, to combat threats as they emerge.

Following the release of Domain Score in 2018, DomainTools delivers Domain Hotlist as “a predictive, prioritized, and easily consumable block list that identifies active, high-risk domains—empowering organizations to proactively guard against relevant, emerging threats.”

Says the announcement:

“All domains included in the Domain Hotlist are both highly risky and currently active; in other words, operational. This list gives customers a relatively small, easy-to-manage, focused set of domains that they can use to track, monitor, and alert on active malicious domains on their network.

The list is generated from active telemetry, such as pDNS, with an initial expectation of approximately 1 million domains each time it is generated.

By using the “Domain Hotlist” by DomainTools, the following preventive measures can be implemented:

  • Active Blocking and Rule-Driven Actions
  • Automate enrichment to inform your workflows
  • Leverage operationalized data to deliver insights
  • Monitor attack progression
  • Identify domains registered with malicious intent

For more information about the Domain Hotlist, visit DomainTools.

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