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DomainTools rolls out Domain Pre-Crime software add-on

DomainTools Pre-Crime (tm) for Iris.

DomainTools Pre-Crime ™ for Iris.

DomainTools, the quintessential tool for domain research, is participating at Black Hat 2016, the security expo event – at booth #472.

Today, second and final day of the infosec event, DomainTools is rolling out new research software addressing the issues of domain theft and cybercrime.

“A lot of domain investors are familiar with Iris, our patent-pending software tracking down the path and actions of cybercriminals, as they hop from one domain to the next, from one IP network class to another,” said DomainTools VP of Technology, Douglas Whosier.

With DomainTools Pre-Crime, we are arming domainers and cybercrime researchers with a new, valuable method of predicting criminal activity, with accurate, precise and otherwise spot-on capabilities,” added Whosier.

The DomainTools Pre-Crime ™ module is an add-on to the award-winning Iris Investigation Platform, enabling the software to define the odds of a similar cybercrime being committed by the same individual over time.

In other words, it identifies repeat offenders operating from rogue networks, by using artificial intelligence and by processing the vast raw data available to DomainTools. The technology is 100% proprietary and developed at the highest security standards.

“If you ever committed a cybercrime, you will be in our database. Further criminal activity, such as hacking, DDoSing, attempts to steal domains, registering trademarks or Trump domains – everything piles up on your intelligently generated record. With DomainTools Pre-Crime, our Iris customers vastly expand their ability to predict criminal activity and to proceed accordingly, to protect valuable assets,” said Douglas Whosier.

DomainTools Pre-Crime ™ is a free add-on for Iris, and should be available for all Iris accounts soon.

In July, the release of DomainTools Hands-Free WHOIS enabled thousands of domainers on the go to get accurate, fast WHOIS data, without compromising their automotive safety.

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