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DomCollect lawsuit on domain hijacking: Gagging order revoked

A British domainer is seeking damages from DomCollect and 1&1 for alleged hijacking of his domains.

A post over at Acorn Domainsa forum aimed at UK domain enthusiasts – states that in an ongoing lawsuit against DomCollect and 1&1, the gagging order against the plaintiff has been revoked.

Switzerland-based DomCollect is a subsidiary of Sedo but it’s operated independently.

The plaintiff was awarded damages to the amount of 14,999.97 British pounds, for alleged hijacking of his domain names.

The complete post is below:


Hi all,

This is just a quick update regarding my previous stated hijacking of a number of my domains names by DomCollect AG with the help of 1and1.

As meantioned previously DomCollect provided me with a gagging order settlement agreement of which i was far from impressed with. This twisted the whole situation in their favour when i was the injured party due proven damages.

Here is how i have sued 1and1 and DomCollect for £14,999 cash damages and compensation for hijacking my domains and trying to blackmail me with a gagging order in order to be eligible to have my legally due compensation settlement payment.

(i will post a link direct to this gagging order when i upload it later for all of you to read)

I went ahead at looked into DomCollect AG, their registered office address is:

DomCollect WIP AG.
Zeughausgasse 9a,
6300 Zug,

This is a way that they use to try and base themselves out of simple EU jurisdiction but it didnt work and here’s how i got around it all and here is how you can too.

I found the following helpful info of which is now really useful to all who are ever cheated by them and want to sue:

1&1 Internet, founded in 1988, is a web hosting company owned by United Internet, a German Internet company.

Sedo is a brand of United Internet AG.

DomCollect AG (member of United Internet).

DomCollect is a subsidiary of Sedo.

Domains from 1and1 are moved into the hands of their other companies Sedo/DomCollect.

I then went ahead and served 3 court claims against the holding company ‘United Internet AG’ at the following address:

Elgendorfer Straße 57
D-56410 Montabaur

Each claim for for £4,999.99 in damages and compensation.

The deadline passed without any defence being provided or response to deny the cases. UK court judgment was requested and automatically wins on the grounds of “the defendant has not filed an admission or defence to my claim or an application to contest the courts jurisdiction” this was due to no response/their ignorance.

The defedant United Internet AG cannot contest the courts jurisdiction either as they are based in a “Member State” ie. within the EU.

£14,999.97 in total judgments awarded this is in 3x £4,999.99 totals against ‘United Internet AG’ due to the neglectful actions of two or you could say three of their owned brands. DOMCOLLECT/SEDO/1AND1

Just proves that their is no escaping justice at all as ‘United Internet AG’ is the overall umbrella company to each defendant.

Then with automatic winning judgments in hand you simply apply for a “European Order for Payment” with your provided evidence of judgments obtained and simply send the court bailiffs. If it was an individual that you where suing they might say that want an attachment of earnings as they cant afford payment but with such a company its a one single debt payment or bailiffs just simply walk straight in their offices and start removing their office goods. This has been pretty straightforward and simple to say the least.

I hope that this helps any future mislead or cheated individuals and this is how to go about getting your due damages! I am updating my website with a full guide on how to go about this suing process against DomCollect step by step and ill also provide examples and copies of all of my court application documents and show exactly how i compiled the evidence. You will also be able to view the complete DomCollect AG gagging order there too

Do not be scared of companies ripping you off, you have legal rights as a consumer regardless of where they try to hide in order to avoid any court jurisdiction.

At the end of the day, it didnt ever have to come to this. All they had to do was settle for their neglectful mistakes of which they tried hard not to do.

Thanks for reading all!


Forum post link.

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12 Responses to “DomCollect lawsuit on domain hijacking: Gagging order revoked”
  1. KD says:

    But is DomCollect subject to UK law?

  2. GR says:

    he’s won the damages
    they didn’t defend claim
    now it’s just a case of sending the goosestepping baillifs round to sedo to collect

  3. Lucius "Gunz" Fabrice says:

    KD – It’s subject to European Union laws, apparently. Not sure how the judicial system works in member countries of the EU.

  4. Ringy Dingy says:

    This schmuck hasn’t posted what he promised, his writings are like children’s and I don’t see UK english been used…

  5. R Williams says:

    ‘Ringy Dingy’ I am no ‘Schmuck’ i can assure you, unlike yourself with your useless reponse of a worthless posting. I posted all information on my press release on the forum in question and i owe you no favours. I and noone else cares for your opinions i can assure you.

    I do not think that you even know what you are on about when stating ‘i dont see UK english being used’ never heard such nonsense. Im more English than they come unlike yourself who uses a word like ‘schmuck’. You Idiot.

    Your own writings are in your own words “like children’s”. I suggest that you grow up and stop acting childish in relation to serious matters and reports.


  6. R Williams says:

    PS. Thank you for the coverage of my story. I can assure you that ‘DomCollect AG’ is based in a way to try to avoid EU laws but it’s overall holding company overseeing 1and1/Sedo/DomCollect is ‘United Internet AG’ and they are based in Germany and therefore fully within European Union Laws and that is the way to make claim where legally due.

    Full updated information is also available on an ongoing discussion basis at the URL link above within the full forum discussions.

    Thank you.

  7. Harold Hill says:

    I suspect that their choice of location has more to do with avoiding EU taxes!

  8. PISSED says:

    This company literally sniped my company domain name right out from underneath me. I’m sure they will want an unreasonable sum to regain control of it.

  9. DomainGang says:

    Pissed – Which domain was that?

  10. PISSED says:

    modelfacture.com. Ive had it for 3 years. I realize its my fault that it lapsed but I never really expected a squatting company to be watching an obscure domain name like mine. This was totally out of left field to me. I just secured the ‘.net’ domain but it utterly pisses me off that it was acquired within minutes after expiration. I’m really smacking myself for this one. I may have to rebrand my company. Those people aren’t getting a single penny from me.

  11. DomainGang says:

    Pissed – Looks like you can still renew it from my understanding. Depending on their rules, you might have to pay a restoration fee that might be a better alternative than rebranding. Best of luck.

  12. kez says:

    cant believe these people still doing the same thing day in and out after so many years , its not legal and should be banned

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