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Domian Buisness : Bid on my domain, I’ll bid on yours

The essence of domian buisness is to make money no matter what.

For example: you gots a domain, and I gots a domain. So we both gots one.

If you bid on mine and I bid on yours, we both win.

If we don’t, then it won’t sell, catch my drift?

Best way to do that, is to call your buddy Steve.

Hey Steve, what’s up bro? Etc.

Then ask him to go place a bid on your favorite marketplace, where you sell that junk.

He don’t have to bid high, just enough to get the ball rolling. But make sure you bid on Steve’s auction for MyShitty-Domain.com.

It’s only fair.

Who am I kidding?

The domian buisness is not easy. And shill bidding is discouraged, but don’t go out there looking for no angels, brah.

It might take you 45 and a half years to sell your best domains, but it can happen.

At least, keep telling yourself and others that your domains are great. E.g. out of a portfolio of 500 domains, only share your top 5. This way, you will forget about the other 495 that are absolutely a waste of reg fees.

Domian buisness is tough. Day in, day out, keep pumping that shit, and it can eventually fix itself.

Example: Some dude from India just emailed 450 other domain investors about an “18 year old” domain listed on Flippa. He literally put all of the email addresses in the “To:” field.

It’d be ok if the 18 year old domain were hot. But it’s shit. Dictionary word, but shit.

Please don’t do this. Domian buisness is serious stuff. Be nice, or GTFO.

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One Response to “Domian Buisness : Bid on my domain, I’ll bid on yours”
  1. I have about 3100 four character mixed dot coms that were previously registered and dropped. They were a canceled order gone awry thanks to, you guessed it, Godaddy. I finally won the dispute and was refunded the 29k, and assumed they were Godaddy’s. Not so. I just found out that i can access them, I can pay the reg fee and get them out, and no one else can. I can sell first, buy later. They expire Dec 17 2017.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

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