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Domian Buisness : Only pay reg fee for the perfect #brand!

The best advice I give to buisness owners: get your money’s worth as far as you can.

Bro, why pay thousands of dollars for a domian to build your buisness on, when a perfect solution calls for a reg fee domian?

Listen, it’s a secret I learned from other buisnessmen who lowball domian owners: Either offer $25 dollars for existing .com domians, or pay $8 bucks plus change at Uniregistry for a hand reg.

Dont beliebe me bro?

About 126,000 domians by Frank Schilling never get offers. It’s true. So how Frank makes money? By hand regs.

Even if you have to get a time machine to go back to 2003 when Frank had an epifa…epiphe…epiphany, the facts is that manual domian registrations will max out your pay check when you sell.

So. If you pay reg fee for domians to resell, why not do the same for your buisness brand?

Here’s a great idea.

Write key words on pieces of paper. Toss them in a hat or a large salad bowl (make sure it’s clean) and get your best bud or your mom, or your kid that plays Fortnite all day long to pull two or three at a time. Stick them together and I guarantee you that one out of ten won’t be registered. Make sure you reg that mofo before your best bud or your mom, or your kid register it. Can’t trust people these days.

Why spend thousands of dollars on domian auctions to buy used and worn out domians, when you can start a buisness at random?

Trust me, that’s how I am successful – no need to be jealous, replicate me.


Domian Buisness – Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

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