Domian Buisness: Which #domains will thrive in 2020

It’s almost 2020 and the domian buisness is about to get rebooted, making people millions of money – if only you act fast.

Tens of thousands of domains are available to register every day. Did you know that?

I bet you didn’t, but you can register right now, flip it, and make money.

Sure, it’s a random domain I just created by spitting out a loogie and adding a catchy keyword at the end – BUT it’s available as a .com and that’s all that matters.

In 2020 we’ll see the complete destruction of .ORG as we know it, and many buisness projects that depend on .ORG will move to domains like the one I just listed. Why pay 10% every year after year in price increases, for a premium dictionary .ORG, when you can pay a flat fee of $10 or so for a .com that you can create by yourself?

What other things will be great in 2020? Let’s have a look-see.

For starters, Verisign will be offering $1 off coupons and “.com & .net beat your .horse” logo stickers at the shows it participates. And fidget spinners too!

GoDaddy will fix its $119k glitch sometime in 2020, thanks to an improved production cycle that improves “report-to-change” to 12 months or less.

In 2020, the Domain King will launch a 20-part DVD series about which domains are the worst, and what to do with your .horse.

Media Options will buy all the dictionary .com domains and will sell them to companies for $11.5 trillion dollars.

Domain Name Wire will move to so that Kassey Lee can publish Chinese domain articles 24/7.

Uniregistry will pay $4.6 million dollars for, making it the most expensive domain rebranding from a perfectly fine brand, to a perfectly fine LLL .com.

NamesCon 2020 will be the last one in Austin, Texas, after all toilets flood up during the keynote speech.

Most domainers will feel the pinch of increased domain prices, regardless of whether you register an .XYZ or a .COM. Renewal fees are going up, not down.

In 2020, domian buisness will be fantastic, and as long as a huge meteorite doesn’t hit downtown Manhattan, we’ll all be prosperous and enjoy domaining as usual.

Have fun – don’t drink and drive.

Domian Buisness: Rocking 2020

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