#Domnomics: The business of #domain names now as a new eBook

John McCormac, founder of HosterStats, has been providing valuable statistics for domain name metrics since 2004. John calls these numbers “domnomics” – a portmanteau of domain and economics.

In domaining, what’s great about numbers is how they can be used to define trends, and to identify points on the timeline that spawn new realities.

John’s new eBook is called “Domnomics: The business of domain names” and it provides a detailed insight of the history of domain registrations, the tricks that made money for those “in the game,” and how it all continues to this day.

Here’s the book’s outlines:

Ever wondered why you couldn’t get the domain name you wanted? There is a billion reasons why.

  • How a small number of registrars exploited a loophole to register hundreds of millions of domain names and made millions of Dollars without having to pay for over a billion domain names that they registered.
  • The geography of gTLD domain names. Which countries have the most gTLD domain names?
  • How big is the gTLD business? Find out how many gTLD websites each country hosts.
  • Not all websites are active. Find out how websites are used and why this is important.
  • Seven questions domainers have to answer before investing.
  • Are all the good domain names taken? It is one of the great myths but it isn’t true. Find out why.

To get your eBook on Amazon, click here. It costs less than the reg fee of a dot .ORG. 😀

Dot .whatever – Photo by RAYUL on Unsplash

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