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Donald Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” gets a matching #domain registration

President Donald Trump likes to use pompous names for what is essentially a task the Administration should do regardless.

Operation Warp Speed is Trump’s vision of a program to develop a Coronavirus vaccine using an accelerated approach.

For example, the program will approve the speeding up of clinical trials unlike how it’s done in the past. Said Trump:

“It’s called Operation Warp speed. That means big, and it means fast. Nobody’s seen anything like what we’re doing.”

Operation Warp Speed – Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Except, apparently, from the Europeans and the Chinese that are already ahead of the US. From the Council of Foreign Affairs:

China. Trials for four other candidates are taking place in China. The biotech firm CanSino Biologics and the medical research arm of the People’s Liberation Army started trials in mid-March for a potential COVID-19 vaccine. The Beijing and Wuhan Institutes of Biological Products, arms of state-run Sinopharm, are carrying out trials on another two candidates, and trials for a vaccine developed by biotech firm Sinovac are also underway.

United Kingdom. The University of Oxford started human trials for a candidate in late April, with $25 million in funding from the UK government.

Germany. Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is working together with German firm BioNTech and Chinese firm Fosun Pharma on a vaccine that began human trials in the European country in late April. Trials are expected to soon be expanded to the United States.

According to Trump, “Operation Warp Speed” will attempt to bring together private pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, and the military to develop a vaccine as fast as in eight months.

Meanwhile, the domain OperationWarpSpeed.com has been registered, according to DomainTools. The domain was registered on April 29, 2020, apparently after the nickname of the program was leaked to the media – most like in one of Donald Trump’s tweets.

Don’t expect anything of substance to appear on it soon; the domain is being monetized with PPC ads.

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    I think we all know who is warped

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