Donuts, Inc. adds .Cronut to its gTLD portfolio of pending applications

Dot .Cronut - Coming to a Registry in 2014.

Dot .Cronut – Coming to a Registry near you in 2014.

Donuts, Inc. – the largest gTLD player in the new expansion of the Internet domain lanes – is expanding its domain offerings, once again.

The addition of dot .Cronut will be a pleasant surprise to the numerous fans of the popular crispy dessert, that often wait in line at 4:00am in New York for a couple of cronuts.

“We’ve created a turn-key registry and we are able to clone our Donuts offerings within 48 hours,” said Paul Stahura, CEO of Donuts, Inc.

“The folks that bake the cronuts came to us due the cuteness of our corporate name, and are very happy to know we aren’t competing in the food field!” exclaimed Stahura, munching on a double-chocolate, cinnamon-glazed, double-fried cronut.

Cronuts have been all the rage in New York, where they sell for $5 a piece.

The Dot .Cronut domains, will be a bit more expensive, however: at $12.99 a bite they will come with a 20% discount for your first purchase of a cronut.

“At the end of the day, it’s all about expanding business and business convergence,” said Paul Stahura, finishing off a tall glass of cold milk. “Whoever does not ride along the gTLD bandwagon will simply watch us enjoy a fun switch of the domain industry, from a gloomy, pessimistic bazaar to a thriving agora of unlimited proportions!” exclaimed Stahura, his frothy milk mustache still intact.

Are you going to get your own dot .Cronut?


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