Donuts, Inc. identifies ‘Fail’ as a top search keyword in 2013



Donuts, Inc., the largest gTLD applicant with 305 gTLD applications, identified ‘Fail‘ as the second most searched for term for 2013.

According to the Global Language Monitor, ‘404’ is the Top Word, ‘Toxic Politics’ the Top Phrase  and Pope Francis the Top searched-for Name of 2013.

The results, as presented in the Global Language Monitor’s 14th annual global survey of the English language, identified ‘Fail’ as the 2nd most searched-for single word this year.

When used in a full sentence – Fail! – the word signifies the failure of an effort or project.

Alternatively used in conjunction with the word “epic“, the term is also one of the gTLDs that Donuts, Inc. has applied for: .FAIL 😀

Surely a funny but calculated reason behind the $185,000 dollar application for the .FAIL gTLD; let’s hope it won’t do justice to its own name.

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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