Donuts: Peace offering to eco-friendly domainers

In a smart and efficient marketing move consistent with its overall gTLD campaign, Donuts, Inc. reached out to the owners of domain names affected by a recent Registry glitch.

“All domainers that were somehow able to register eco.* domains due to an unforeseen glitch and despite them being reserved by ICANN, will receive a gift from Donuts that we hope they’ll enjoy,” said Paul Stahura, CEO.

“And if you add it all up, our gift is more than the annual renewal rate for many premium Donuts domains!” exclaimed Stahura.

Donuts and domains can surely mix nicely.

Donuts and domains can surely mix nicely.

The Donuts, Inc. gift consists of a dozen free donuts every month for 5 years, and it’s handled by the Dunkin Donuts external order fulfillment department. Domainers affected by the eco glitch have a choice of glazed, chocolate, double chocolate and cream-filled donuts.

“Absolutely, I welcome such a wholesome gift any time of the day,” said Mike Berkens, one of the domain investors affected by the eco domain clawback.

“After all, I like to start my day with a couple of good donuts and coffee, it gets me going through a busy day,” added Berkens, typing away on

To qualify for the gift offer, visit

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