Donuts Platinum Domains: Interview with Matt Overman

Matt Overman, Donuts, Inc.

Donuts, Inc. is the biggest operator in the new gTLD namespace, with 238 gTLDs in their domain portfolio.

We interviewed Matt Overman, VP and GM of Aftermarket and Premium domains for Donuts, Inc.

The main focus of this interview: Donuts Platinum Domains.

DomainGang: Matt, what are the Donuts Platinum Domains; give us some more details, please.

Matt Overman: It’s a portfolio of Registry-reserved domains, premium in nature, across 238 new gTLDs that Donuts, Inc. manages.

DomainGang: How many Platinum domains exist in that portfolio?

Matt Overman: About 20,000 premium domains are reserved, consisting that portfolio. All are available for sale.

DomainGang: What is the application process? How can I get a Platinum domain from the Donuts Inc., portfolio?

Matt Overman: We are open to cash offers, to the right buyer. They should demonstrate a plan for using that particular domain, giving the gTLD the right exposure. For now, there is a contact email when perusing the WHOIS of the domains. There are third party vendors that are authorized to receive offers on our behalf.

DomainGang: What are those vendors?

Matt Overman: Although not all vendors are currently enabled, we have agreements in place with most domain aftermarket platforms: GoDaddy, Uniregistry, Afternic, Sedo, Flippa and Undeveloped.

DomainGang: Tell us some more information on the exchange process.

Matt Overman: These Platinum domains are handled by the partners and registrars I mentioned. Once the agreement is signed and payment is received, we then enable the domains away from Registry reserve status, and transfer them to the possession of the buyer.

DomainGang: Curious, why aren’t there active landing pages on those domains, with a “for sale” sign?

Matt Overman: Due to regulations, we cannot do that kind of explicit promotion. The domains cannot resolve to a landing page, e.g. with a “for sale” sign.

DomainGang: How expensive are the Platinum domains reserved by Donuts, Inc.?

Matt Overman: We are targeting five and six figures. For example, the following domains are in the five figure range:

DomainGang: And there are domains in the six figure range?

Matt Overman: Correct. Some six figure Platinum domain sales we can disclose include Video.Games for $183,000 dollars, Sex.Live for $160,000 dollars and Porn.Live for $120,000 dollars. Six figure range domains that are available from us, include:

DomainGang: These are, without doubt, some nice keyword+gTLD combinations!

Matt Overman: Exactly. This is what makes our gTLD portfolio stand out, being able to create meaningful domains that can be developed and used by businesses and individuals around the world, reaping the SEO benefits that major search engines provide.

DomainGang: After the acquisition of Rightside, a company with a strong, healthy approach to Internet marketing of its products, what will Donuts be doing?

Matt Overman: We are in constant growth mode, and currently processing new products.

We will be marketing and promoting our gTLD portfolio to end users and service providers more extensively in the future.

The Rightside marketing approach has provided us with great information that we’ll be putting to good use.

DomainGang: Matt, many thanks for this interview. Looking forward to seeing Donuts, Inc. roll out more successful products in the future.

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