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DOPA continues to spam domainers without discrimination

Mass mailings about dropping domains amount to spam.

Mass mailings about domain parking amount to spam.

Time and again, the relentless spamming from Chinese parking outfit, DOPA.com continues.

Snatching email contacts from the WHOIS database, the DOPA spammers mass-email accounts that are meant to only receive system information from the Registrars.

Every time we complained about DOPA.com and their spamming tactics, two things happened:

  1. They apologized stating it won’t happen again
  2. A “sock puppet” account from China attempted to leave nasty comments

We will continue to expose the spammers of DOPA.com as long as they carry on with their spamming emails; here is the latest one:

“Dear Sir,  This is Lynn from DOPA, a domain parking service provider who fully supports global traffic monetization.     I am writing to see that if you’d like to park your domains with Dopa.   More details about us can be found in the attachment.  In case you’ve already parked your domains in other platform and don’t want to make change, I sincerely suggest you trying Dopa with your domains that have somewhat large traffic but generate no (or low) parking revenues in your current parking platform. You will find discover the difference!”

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