Dot .CAT domain Registry joins general strike in Catalonia on October 3rd

.CAT domain registry

Fundació puntCAT, the dot .CAT Registry in Catalonia, Spain, has announced its solidarity to the general strike taking place on October 3rd.

Following a referendum among Catalans seeking independence from Spain that was marred by police violence, the Fundació puntCAT position is expressed as such:

“The puntCAT Foundation condemns the latest attacks on freedom of expression inside and outside the Internet.

We believe that in the last days, especially during the day of October 1, the democratic rights of the Catalan people have been violated, with the disproportionate use of force by the police forces of the state, against one Demonstration and democracy.

As a sign of the rejection and rejection of the aforementioned acts and solidarity with all the wounded, we join the general strike convened for tomorrow, October 3.”

The dot .CAT Registry’s offices were recently raided, and its officer was arrested, for refusing to take down .CAT domains informing Catalans about the referendum.

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