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Dot .CEO surpasses 150,000 registrations in March

Nobody could have predicted the huge appeal and success of dot .CEO – the brand new gTLD that is aimed at Chief Executive Officers worldwide.

Less than a week after its launch, dot .CEO sports an impressive 152,101 registrations – a number that took it to the top of the gTLD domain leaderboard.

“It’s a strategy we had all along, to feature the profiles of prominent CEOs with a link to secure their namesake dot .CEO domain, and it works!” exclaimed the dot .CEO VP of marketing, Pipal Brouzer.

“Everyone who is a CEO, and even those that want to become a CEO by ousting the current CEO of a corporation, are registering dot . CEO domain names like crazy,” added Pipal Brouzer.

The unexpected success of dot .CEO is currently causing concern at Donuts, Inc., that’s been used to leading gTLD domain registrations in terms of numbers.

“Clearly, their success is an indication of doing something right, isn’t it?” said Donuts, Inc. CEO, Paul Stahura, adding:

“I just might be convinced to register PaulStahura.CEO today, the marketing pressure is overwhelming!”

With hundreds of gTLDs being launched this year, dot .CEO clearly has achieved an advantageous lead, and we’ll be following its successful path to the top, closely.

For the full press release, visit Dot .CEO.


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3 Responses to “Dot .CEO surpasses 150,000 registrations in March”
  1. Shaun says:

    It’s just a pity that there there are no triple gTLD names. I would pay a fortune to own the domain .ceo.ninja.robford. Can you imagine how much sex I would score sending emails from shawn@.ceo.ninja.robford?! Man, this is a disappointment… Where are the Icann guys when you need them?

  2. DomainGang says:

    Shaun – You are very correct. Just like with Gillette razors: more blades, deeper shaving. Domains should have 3, 4, 5 or more words separated by the dot. Can’t wait for that, and for the Gillette 6 x blade super razor to arrive!

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