Dot .CLUB : A ‘big chunk’ of the Internet controlled by Canadian entrepreneur, Colin Campbell

Colin Campbell, dot .CLUB CEO

An article in the South Florida Business Journal praises the entrepreneurial spirit of Colin Campbell, CEO of dot .CLUB.

After beating Donuts, Inc. to the race for the .CLUB gTLD, Campbell oversaw the launch of what appears to be the most successful new gTLD – after removing freebie givers .Berlin and robo-registrations Olympian, .XYZ from the equation.

Even Donuts, Inc. co0founder, Dan Schindler praised Dan Campbell’s entrepreneurial spirit and success:

“I wish we had it,” Donuts co-founder Dan Schindler said. “But I’m glad they’ve got it. … You’ve got some good guys who are really passionate and committed to one [domain] with no distractions.”

By June 30th, Dot .CLUB has $1.36 million in revenue, including several five-figure sales of dot .CLUB domains; Campbell predicts that millions of users will make use of .CLUB domains in the next five years, adding that “Where there’s passion, there’s a .club.”

There are more than 122,000 dot .CLUB domains in ‘circulation’ as of today.

For the full article, titled “How a Canadian entrepreneur controls a big chunk of the Internet from a Fort Lauderdale high-rise” click here.

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2 Responses to “Dot .CLUB : A ‘big chunk’ of the Internet controlled by Canadian entrepreneur, Colin Campbell”
  1. Steve says:

    “Held back premium names for big bucks?

    There are thousands of great .com keyword names for a few grand that would put any business owner or individual miles ahead of .thisandthat.

    I thought the release of these new extensions was going to let people register premium keywords for reg fee. Registries have held all the good keywords back for big bucks.
    Same old same old.

  2. DN Select says:

    @ Steve, you are right. Wasn’t the main purpose of these new gTLDs supposed to give small businesses access to better domains?

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