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Dot .CLUB : Organic growth and actual domain use sustain strong numbers

Dot .CLUB stands at 1.150 million domain registrations, according to ntldstats, and it’s growing organically.

During MERGE! 2017, dot .CLUB shared a presentation of its steady growth, and statistics.

According to Jeff Sass, CMO of the .CLUB Registry, that’s the result of actual use among the .CLUB registrants.

Here are some key stats about .CLUB:

  • There are more than 135,000 active web sites using .CLUB domains: not parked, pointed or otherwise undeveloped.
  • More than 200,000 unique registrants of .CLUB domain names.
  • More than 150,000 .CLUB registrants own just one domain, indicating intent for actual use.
  • The .CLUB Registry has achieved more than $6,000,000 dollars of premium domain name sales.
  • As a plus: Premium .CLUB domains are renewed at the standard fee.

Some photos from the .CLUB presentation during MERGE! 2017, in Orlando, Florida:

Jeff Sass, .CLUB CMO, getting ready to give away some Manbrands.CLUB socks.

Colin Campbell, CEO of dot .CLUB.

Jeff Sass during the .CLUB presentation.

Manbrands.CLUB – One of more than 135,000 live .CLUB web sites. We got socks.

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