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Dot .CO goes well with Skully Systems and its revolutionary bike helmet

The Skully Systems AR1 helmet.

The Skully Systems AR-1 helmet.

Skully Systems is paving the way for the future, as far as a new generation of motorcycle (bike) helmets go.

Featuring a rear view camera, heads up display (HUD), GPS and other revolutionary features, makes the manufacturers of Skully AR-1 a hot commodity in the startup business.

The Skully AR-1 helmet is highly weather resistant.

Electronics are sealed and protected with special coatings and injection molded casings which keep the elements out.

Naturally, Skully Systems is also using the domain name Skully.co to both protect their brand, and to forward it to the much longer to type domain, SkullySystems.com.

Dot .CO domains have been adopted by thousands of corporations and start-ups since the launch of Dot .CO, four years ago.

For more information on this amazing bike helmet, visit Skully.co or watch the video below.

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