Dot .GOV 2.0: US security agency seeking #domain registry services provider

In March, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) took over control of the .GOV top level domain.

As part of the transition agreement set forth in the DOTGOV Act, CISA has to to provide domain registry services to federal, state and local governments. These services must be delivered at little to no cost, alongside improved security for .GOV domains.

In essence, this is dot .GOV 2.0. The current registry for .GOV domains is Verisign and .GOV domains cost $400 dollars per year to register or renew.

CISA is now conducting market research to gain technical feedback on, and identify potential vendors:

  • A registry services provider to manage core Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure for the TLD, including authoritative DNS hosting for individual domains.
  • A registrar providing web registration and management of .gov domains; offering supporting services to improve the security, privacy, reliability, accessibility, and speed of .gov domains and the services hosted within them; and supporting end-users. The registrar will also serve as the TLD’s website.

CISA is seeking submissions via this form until July 28th.

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