Dot .KY : Uniregistry preparing for worldwide availability of Cayman domain names



Uniregistry announced its direct managing of dot .KY domains in March; the ccTLD for the Cayman Islands will soon be available for anyone to register.

About 4,000 individuals and businesses have signed up for the Sunrise period registrations, which gives local businesses ‘first dibs’ to domains.

Current domain registrants also have until September 2nd to confirm their current registrations of .KY domains.

The Information and Communications Technology Authority of the Cayman Islands, stated that around 40% of the 10,000 local businesses and Internet sites that had dot .KY addresses have registered and paid their annual $40 USD subscription fee.

After September 2nd, people all over the world will be able to buy and sell dot .KY domain names.

Michael Ward, director of registrar operations for Uniregistry, said there would also be a secondary market, with companies buying up names they believe will be popular and attempting to sell them on at higher prices.

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