Dot .Ninja domains to get registered very quietly tonight

The dot .Ninja registry has announced that .ninja domains are scheduled to arrive ‘very quietly’ tonight, taking advantage of the darkness and a new moon.

Slated as an aggressive alternative to .guru, dot .ninja domains can become the lethal weapon of gTLDs.

“Ninja domains are the warriors of the domain industry, and possess skills unlike those of others,” said Ninja Registry spokesperson, Jonny Yamazaki.

“With over 100 registrars having signed the honored launch agreement parchment in blood, dot .Ninja will tip-toe onto the rooftops of domainers and will slide open all windows and doors, to enter their portfolios,” added Yamazaki, bowing.

Dot .Ninja will thus become the third contender to the gTLD top, after dot .guru and dot .Club. The latter, reached the top at a cost of 50 Cent a pop.

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