Dot .NYC : A year later, it’s the largest city gTLD in the world!

Dot .NYC is only for New Yorkers.

Dot .NYC celebrates its first year!

Happy one year anniversary, dot .NYC!

In the year since its launch, the New York City domain has become the fastest-growing, largest city domain extension in the world.

With more than 85,000 domain registrations, dot .NYC caters specifically to individuals, businesses and organizations with a physical presence within the New York City’s five boroughs.

Dot .NYC is powered by Neustar, ushering a new phase of personalized, location-relevant marketing for brands and individuals.

Some statistics about the growth of dot .NYC follow:

  • The average retail costs paid for a .NYC domain is $34.99
  • The average registrant owns between 1-2 domains, and 98% of registrants own 10 or fewer domains
  • 53% of .NYC domains have been registered to individuals, and 47% to small businesses and organizations
  • More than two dozen industries are represented in the .NYC domain
  • The top 5 .NYC web sites according to Alexa’s ranking are: Digital.NYC, MyStudent.NYC, Casey.NYC, GayCityNews.NYC and Bike.NYC

The City of New York has published a detailed “.NYC State of the Domain Name” report that can be viewed here.

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