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Dot .tel registrations plummet

The .tel TLD sports a kewl logo.

Dot .telthe only TLD to be launched without full DNS capabilities – has lost 34,000 registrations since March of last year.

That’s roughly a 10% loss year-to-year and the Ides of March, marking the eunuch TLD’s 3rd year since the 2009 launch, haven’t arrived yet.

The stats show a total number of 299,195 .tel domains and the number is expected to be lower by the end of April.

Despite its touting as a mobile user’s TLD, the lack of full DNS capabilities to host or monetize the domains contributed to dot .tel’s stunted growth.

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One Response to “Dot .tel registrations plummet”
  1. Ms Domainer says:


    It’s going to be ugly, for sure.

    The .tel registry has done very little to get this TLD going.

    I have dropped all but the most premium domains.


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