DotGreen joins the ICANN gTLD applicant chorus with .green

The DotGreen initiative has officially applied for the .green gTLD with ICANN.

The DotGreen initiative has confirmed that it has applied for the .green gTLD with ICANN, completing the necessary review and having submitted the application funds.

The deadline for gTLD applicants to submit their application is April 12, 2012. All current applicants must have passed a pre-screening process; the window closed on March 29th.

Annalisa Roger, the Dot Green founder and CEO, announced that the application is complete.

According to the DotGreen web site:

“The .green will launch  live on the Internet in 2013.  Global citizen collaboration, corporate social responsibility and scientific information are at the helm of a strategic purpose to  boosting the global shift to greener and sustainable business and lifestyles.”

We’ll have to wait and see what other gTLDs are pending and most importantly, which ones will be approved by ICANN.

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One Response to “DotGreen joins the ICANN gTLD applicant chorus with .green”
  1. Kate says:

    BTW .greed is reserved by Icann.
    No applications are presently being entertained thanks 😀

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