DotNotCom brand rolls out

Nicolas van Heule is an experienced entrepreneur, having rolled out clothes-wear and power drink brands.

The DOTNOTCOM project is now the umbrella corporation, operating from the domain Says the founder of the company:

The NOT in our name implies a non-commercial endeavor, yet our domain extension is “.com” which is short for “commercial.” We chose this name to combine the purity of non-pecuniary affairs with the abundant profits of unbridled capitalism. This gives us, and the brands we work with, the best of both worlds: a totally clean conscience thanks to the not-for-profit reference in our name and a great mood because of the prospects of tons of cash.

Offering merchandise with the unique DOTNOTCOM brand is a great way to create brand awareness. The company has also applied for the registration of the mark with the USPTO.

Whether you like .com or not, this is a memorable brand that has a bright future ahead!

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