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Dr. Chris Hartnett : The Google logo is a family business!


Whether you like the new Google logo, or you don’t, that’s irrelevant.

Google, the 800 pound search engine gorilla, decided to redesign its brand, just as they did with the acquisition and use of ABC.XYZ – and that’s all that matters.

In a surprising twist to this story, it appears that a member of the creative team behind the Google logo redesign is Dr. Chris Hartnett’s son-in-law, Jonathan Jarvis.

Dr. Hartnett is famous for his massive portfolio of “Global” domains, and he is definitely proud of his family’s contribution to the Google logo rebranding.

With that in mind, we’ve recreated his Global Utopia logo to honor the latest Google redesign by his son in law and his team. πŸ˜€


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One Response to “Dr. Chris Hartnett : The Google logo is a family business!”
  1. joe styler says:

    Thanks for sharing that. He sure has an incredibly smart and talented family.

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