Dr. Martens kicks the shoes off squatter in docmarten.clothing UDRP

Yummy pink Doc Martens. The Domain Queen would approve.

Yummy pink Doc Martens. The Domain Queen would approve.

Remember when you rocked the Doc Martens in late 80’s and early 90’s?

The fashionable shoes were less comfy than stylish, but millions sported them as part of their fashion statement.

A UDRP at the WIPO, filed by Dr. Martens” International Trading GmbH of Gräfelfing, Germany and “Dr. Maertens” Marketing GmbH of Seeshaupt, Germany, managed to kick the boots off the Respondent, who registered DocMarten.clothing.

As far as we know, this is the first such UDRP for the dot .clothing gTLD.

In their complaint, the trademark owner and popular shoes manufacturer stated:

“Complainants have rights in the trademarks DR. MARTENS and DOC MARTENS (“Complainants’ Trademarks”) that significantly pre-date Respondent’s registration of the Domain Name. According to the Registrar, the Domain Name was registered on February 8, 2014.”

The shoes were first sold in the 1950’s, which means that perhaps Elvis was wrong when he sang about the blue suede shoes.

Sole panelist, Clive L. Elliott, gave the Respondent the boot, and ordered the domain name DocMarten.clothing to be transferred to the Complainant.

For the full text of the UDRP, click here.

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