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Domainer dream team: 11 Domain investors talk about the World Cup


World Cup 2014 in Brazil is ramping up the soccer games that will lead to 16 teams making it to the next round; the events will continue for three more weeks.

Seeing how this affects domains, domainers and domain investing in general, we asked 11 popular domain investors to share their thoughts.

Not everyone loves soccer – that’s understandable – so keep that in mind before judging some of these fine responses. 😀

Frank Schilling: I love soccer, I grew up kicking a ball in Germany and when in Canada it was a shock; I had to learn how to play hockey so I resorted to street hockey as the best of both worlds. I support Germany in this World Cup, it’s quite sexy.

Ammar Kubba: In my homeland of Iraq, manly players shave their heads right before a game of soccer, then dash in to take no prisoners. If it weren’t for our arch-rival Iran, Iraq would be a finalist, no doubt. That’s something we Agreed on.

Rick Schwartz: Soccer is not a game that has any followers. Can you see the NEED to SELL soccer anywhere? ANYWHERE? Show me the numbers, or I will call this what it is: PIGEON SHIT. No thanks.

Andy Booth: Jesus mate, I live and breathe soccer every day. Do you realize I own Messi.com ? He is the god among gods as far as footie is concerned! I root for Engerland!

Elliot Silver: When I’m not busy blogging about investing in domains, I try to sneak to the local pub for a few beers and to watch the English Football League, every other Saturday, when I don’t go cycling. Go Arsenal! Oh wait, World Cup winners will be Italy.

Francois Carrillo: Oh what to do, mom France, dad Spain, I fight all time who win. Absolument. But kick CAX in goal, and eCOP most win if World Cup. Why soccer, it’s football, absolument. Win France, win!

Ron Jackson: Unless Russia papers the house, USA should win. I am a fan of real football, and if Dan Marino played soccer, Team USA would win. Go USA!

Nadia Pessoa: Are you kidding me??? Did you see what Brazil did during the match premiere? Caralho! I would never advise a 4-3-2-1 formation, they were clearly outflanked. Seriously, bring back the real soccer days of Pele! But still, go Brazil, I will go with my instinct on this one.

Tony Kanakaris: My wife is from Argentina, so I support Argentina or I will be paying the consequences, if you know what I mean. But my heart belongs to Greece. Παίχτε μπάλλα ρε μαλάκες!

Sahar Sarid: I’m back from a long sabbatical to the far east. What is soccer? I don’t remember any of you guys, but best of luck to the best team. Peace!

Adam Dicker: Canada will win, of course. As long as they play in this World Cup, other teams stand no chance. I own every team name in both .com and .ca.

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