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#DropCatch auctions: Your “inner happiness” might be trademarked

Bidding on domain auctions for domains that seem and sound generic, is a great way to expand your portfolio.

Many meaningful domains consisting of two words drop these days, and bidding attracts domain investors.

For example, the DropCatch auction for InnerHappiness.com looks like a great generic domain ripe to be acquired.

“Inner happiness” sounds generic enough, doesn’t it?

It does, but the USPTO says otherwise: INNER HAPPINESS is a registered trademark, since 2015, for socks and booties.

There are plenty of other uses for “inner happiness” of course, and the DropCatch auction has attracted 70 bids so far, with a top bidder offering $1,611 dollars and just a few hours left.

As long as you stay away from using the domain InnerHappiness.com for the type of products protected by the INNER HAPPINESS trademark, such an acquisition is probably ok.

INNER HAPPINESS is a registered trademark with the USPTO

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