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#DropCatch : Former #domain of REO #Speedwagon sells for four figures

We’ve been watching the auction of the premium domain Speedwagon.com, a former asset of rock legends REO Speedwagon.

The domain dropped a few days ago, and was caught by DropCatch – a top notch domain catching service.

The ensuing auction started low, and when we covered the event, it was at $360 dollars.

Speedwagon.com is now sold, and it went for “only” $3,550 dollars, as the domain auction capture below shows.

For such a good generic domain with history and traffic, it surely sounds like a good deal, just like the sale of Cowboy.com for $70,000 dollars.

REO Speedwagon used to own Speedwagon.com

The auction’s winner is michigan on DropCatch, with users schale and princess bidding up into the $3,000 dollar range.

Congratulations to the new owner!

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