#DropCatch : Half of #China’s investors are bidding on #Pudong.com!

Pudong is a district of Shanghai, China, and the domain name Pudong.com is currently being auctioned.

Pudong.com was originally registered in 1998, and its Chinese registrant somehow lost control of the domain name’s renewals. The domain expired, and eventually it dropped.

The auction is taking place on DropCatchwhere else – with lots of interest from Chinese domain investors. It surely feels as if half of China’s investors are bidding! 😀

With less than 2 hours until the end of the auction, there are currently 209 bids from 57 individual bidders. The top bidder, Alibackorders, represents Chinese tech giant Alibaba, with a bid of $36,716 dollars.

Will it end above $50k? 😀

Pudong.com on auction at DropCatch

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