DropCatch: Quality products from the heart of the Midwest!

Meet the DropCatch duo, Joe Walsh and Kent Frayn who didn’t know that when they became college roommates, they would also alter an entire field forever, by throwing a curveball into the mix.

Based in Illinois, the DropCatch products are from the heart of the Midwest; after a successful launch on Kickstarter their Magnetic Bottle Opener has become a hit.

That’s right.

This DropCatch is not the one domain investors have in mind when they hear the brand, showcasing the power of two-word .com domains and brands. Or, in this case, a two word brand and a three-word .com domain, as they operate from DropAndCatch.com.

DropCatch – Not the one you had in mind!

So happy Father’s day. 🙂

You can shop for their quality, reasonably priced products for you or your dad at DropAndCatch.com.

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