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Drunk and Stolen : Generic dot .com domains fail to sell

Most domain sales reports are compiled by amateur hobbyists.

Domainers bid on but did not buy a couple of domain gems.

A couple of domain gems were made available in the aftermarket recently, barely pushing five figures.

In the past, such domains would command high five figures, maybe more, but in this case they ended up unsold.

First, Stolen.com was auctioned on Flippa.

The 18 year old domain had 22 bids and a high offer of $16,000 dollars but did not sell.

Wrong crowd, perhaps?

Those were the days when Merlin Kauffman and Yoni Belousov spent $50,000 bucks on GoFish.com during TRAFFIC 2010 in Las Vegas!

Meanwhile, a domain auction took place on Sedo for the domain Drunk.com.

Four bidders battled it out, hopefully not under the influence of alcohol, and despite a high offer of $28,000 dollars, there was no sale.

Maybe the seller was drunk?

Let’s be frank here: Not every generic domain, dot com even, gets sold for six figures, but these two domains clearly deserved to sell.

Better luck next time, sellers! 😀


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One Response to “Drunk and Stolen : Generic dot .com domains fail to sell”
  1. Will says:

    This is interesting, I am wondering if the recent surge of short charters selling for insane prices and even some numeric have made people shy away from generic keywords. For me I take advantage of the fact that there will be some discounts on these types of domains so the time to buy should be now. I am sure they will pick up steam once again =-D

    – Will

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