Dylann Storm Roof : Domains of the “Last Rhodesian” Charleston killer

The evil insanity behind the mindless murders of innocent Americans in Charleston, South Carolina, is still unfolding; suspect Dylann Storm Roof will have a lot of questions to answer in the coming weeks.

Calling himself the “Last Rhodesian“, after the former apartheid-led name of Zimbabwe, Dylann Roof registered the domain name LastRhodesian.com on February 9, 2015.

On the LastRhodesian.com, Dylann Storm Roof posted several photos along with a “manifesto” of sorts, full of racial hatred against minorities.

According to the DomainTools historical WHOIS, the domain was registered with Reg.RU, a Russian domain registrar, and with the email address derekjeeter88@yandex.com.

Dylann Storm Roof, is suspect for several killings in Charleston, SC.

Dylann Storm Roof, is the primary suspect for several killings in Charleston, SC.

Meanwhile, the following domains bearing Dylann Storm Roof’s name have been registered by third parties since the police released the Charleston killings suspect’s name:

  • dylannroof.com
  • dylannroof.info
  • dylannroof.net
  • dylannroof.org
  • dylannsroof.com
  • dylannsroof.info
  • dylannstormroof.com
  • dylannstormroof.info
  • dylannstormroof.org
  • dylanroof.com
  • dylannroofshooter.com

Most of them, if not all, are parked.

The practice of registering the names of killers or persons involved in violent crimes is not rare among domainers, and we do not recommend it.



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