Dynamic domain development: Tia Wood on the Ugly side of Sexy

Tia Wood‘s recent project has been as complex as an Arabesque mural; the experienced web developer from Florida is working hard to produce quality web sites.

We had a short interview with Tia on her latest creation, Ugly.Sexy, which she discussed in depth.


DomainGang: Tia, tells us about the concept behind your latest project, how did you come up with this idea?

Tia Wood: It’s simple, stupid: the new craze behind gTLDs requires some drastic development action. Gotta strike when the iron is hot, if you know what I mean! The idea arrived while I was cooking dinner, lasagna with mushrooms and needed a break from the kitchen.

DomainGang: Sounds fantastic, we also get creative ideas while showering. So how long did it take you to create Ugly.Sexy?

Tia Wood: About 25 seconds, or 45 if you count the time it takes to upload the image to the server. Other than that, SEO took about four hours of hard work, and I’m now #1 for “Ugly Sexy” for searches made from North Carolina, the Caymans or Bob’s computer.

DomainGang: No idea who is Bob, but regardless, aren’t you concerned you’ll have some competition from the .com?

Tia Wood: Seriously, who is going to spend $695 to buy the .com when I can build residual traffic on the developed Ugly.Sexy? Not to mention, that dot .com is rather unsexy, as far as branding is concerned.

DomainGang: Makes sense. How do you plan to expand and monetize Ugly.Sexy in the coming months and years?

Tia Wood: It’s a secret and I can’t share it with you. But you can sign up for my newsletter and I’ll let you know once this info is out, ok?

DomainGang: Will do! Thanks, Tia, for this in-depth interview about domain names and gTLDs in the dot .Sexy realm. Best of success with Ugly.Sexy!

Click here to visit Ugly.Sexythe ugly side of sexy.

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