Early Thanksgiving: MetaFB.org sold for $27,088 on #Sedo

Meta madness continues with MetaFB.org, a domain turkey registered two months ago selling for $27,088 dollars on Sedo.

Referencing the “Meta” rebranding by Facebook, that “FB” suffix avoids infringing on the famous “Facebook” trademark.

Domain investor Aznagui noted the sale on Twitter:

Metafb.org sold officially 24/11/2021 for almost 30K$ The buyer (Unknown) was referred by SedoMLS partner Name.com. Sales referred through the SedoMLS Promotion with 20% commission = 5,417.60 USD.

Why would someone spend such an amount on a Meta / Facebook domain, is intriguing, unless it’s the Meta company themselves, and that just might be the case: The term “MetaFB” is registered in a whopping 471 TLDs, most of which reside on Facebook DNS.


Congratulations to the seller, that’s one early Thanksgiving dinner powered by Meta Zuck! 😀

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