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East Nashville Farmers Market domain hijacked by Russian hackers

Yet another domain stolen from a GoDaddy account.

Yet another domain stolen from a GoDaddy account.

The domain name Eastnashvillemarket.com has been hijacked away from its owners, organizers of the East Nashville Farmers Market.

In yet another domain theft originating at GoDaddy, the domain has been moved to the India based registrar, PublicDomainRegistry.com.

The current WHOIS displays the registrant based in Russia, with the domain’s DNS pointed to servers in Armenia.

According to The Tennessean, the owner, Hank Delvin Jr. commented on the domain theft:

“We’ve had the site up six years, now it’s gone, and the frustrating thing is that they just got into my account and took it. This could happen to anybody. I asked GoDaddy why they would do this, and they said, ‘It happens.'”

The article continues on the current situation on the stolen domain, thus:

Delvin hasn’t heard from the Russian hackers about selling the market’s domain back to him, he said. But the market is a nonprofit organization and doesn’t have the resources to pay a ransom. Instead, he’s fighting through GoDaddy to get the Web address back, although the process is “excruciatingly slow,” Delvin said. GoDaddy has “begun an investigation and is trying to get the domain name back,” Merdinger said. “But we’re just half of the equation.”

Domain thefts occur when lack of security, coupled with falling prey to email phishing lead to the compromise of registrant accounts. In a recent case, Lightly.com was stolen from its legitimate owners at GoDaddy, and was auctioned off at the Chinese domain marketplace, 4.CN.

If your domain was stolen and need to raise awareness while you’re attempting to get it back, here are some useful guidelines.

For the full article on the theft of Eastnashvillemarket.com click here.

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