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eBay went after NatureBay.com domain, web site and trademark


Auction giant eBay, opposed the trademark application of NatureBay.com, a community web site for local “green” products.

NatureBay makes it easy for people who care about their local communities and ecosystems to find what they are looking for. We connect you, the eco-conscious consumer or business to products and people determined to make positive sustainable changes in our communities and environment. And the best part, its free.

Registered in 2008, the domain NatureBay.com became an active web site last year, and that’s when troubles began; eBay sent out a cease and desist letter, identifying the “eBay” part of the domain as infringing and confusing for consumers.

Its trademark application for “NatureBay” was opposed by Nature magazine and eBay.

Its owners aren’t giving up on the name just yet, and are preparing to fight, despite the slim odds of winning against a mega-corporation.

Who will win?

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2 Responses to “eBay went after NatureBay.com domain, web site and trademark”
  1. Dn Ebook says:

    They will need a Miraclebay (taken)

  2. Justin says:

    All we need is people to start telling ebay this is wrong.
    Note: site has been active for at least 4 years, but last year we filed for TM.
    Pierre Omidyar the founder of ebay has non profits that support green initiatives and social benefit companies like this. If he finds out maybe he will call the lawyers off so we can continue the same mission.

    #donttouchmyturtle #ebaybully

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