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Edward Snowden: GoDaddy coupon codes contain NSA eavesdropping microcode

In one of the biggest domain scandals since founder Bob Parsons shot down an aging elephant, GoDaddy is apparently involved in a secret collaboration with the NSA.

Thousands of GoDaddy customers often use GoDaddy coupons, in order to register or renew domain names at GoDaddy.com.

Edward Snowden, NSA security contractor.

Edward Snowden, NSA security contractor, says GoDaddy’s codes are used by the NSA.

While most of these codes make domaining affordable by dropping prices considerably, they come with a secret caveat.

“In one of the secret memos that I took with me during my tenure as an NSA contractor, I found 24 pages about the use of GoDaddy coupons and renewal codes, that contain malicious micro code, able to infiltrate entire computer networks,” said Edward Snowden, from Moscow where he currently resides.

“Seemingly innocent codes such as gdbbx1705, iap249a, goodin14a and CODER199 are in fact malicious microcode commands, creating a VPN channel between your computer and a fake GoDaddy backend that NSA controls,” added Snowden, escorted by Russian bodyguards.

Although not confirmed, the allegations that NSA has infiltrated GoDaddy could explain the slowing down of GoDaddy’s interface in recent days; GoDaddy did not respond to our request to explain just what the code FREE4 is hiding – a move that we find highly suspicious.


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